Adele in Vogue Cover

I have been her fan ever since Chasing Pavements and as clueless as I was, she became a hit sensation of the 21st century. I admire her passion and her ability to sing. She has an amazing voice! Sultry yet so full and exuberant. What I admire most about her is her knack in speaking what she think and feels. She has no boundaries especially when you talk about weight. I don’t know about you but Adele doesn’t strike me as a Vogue type (see image below). She does have a special place in Rolling Stones cover as well as Q. Definitely a trendsetter especially her makeup!




But of course you are not here for my ramblings but for the tutorial I have prepared. What I did was very unorthodox and this is the first time I did something like this so forgive me if I look like I’m out of practice. Well, check out my video tutorial below and let me know what you think! Mwah!



Hot Momma on Adele Inspired Make-up

Hope you all liked it!

– Valerie, The Hot Momma

This was originally posted by Valerie on her personal blog My Make Up Musings. Follow her page for more updates from her.


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